3 Money-Saving Tips To Consider When Your Vehicle Needs To To Be Transported

Although you might think of towing as something that happens when your car breaks down or you are in a car accident and the vehicle needs to be moved to a location for repair, vehicle transport might also occur because the vehicle is being sold, inherited or given away. In addition, it might be necessary because a person or family is moving and they have more cars than they do drivers and vehicles of exceptional value or rarity might also benefit from not accruing any extra mileage. Regardless, vehicle transport for significant distances often requires extra costs and it is essential for each vehicle to be adequately prepared for the journey. Therefore, it is best for you to be aware of the following advice, to prevent any unpleasant surprises along the way:    

#1-Consider Paying Extra For Closed Container Shipping

It is important to note that you might be permitted to choose between an open bed and closed container shipping. While both will allow the vehicle to be restrained to avoid damage, the closed container option will provide extra protection from dirt, debris, rocks and other common aspects associated with the open road.

If your vehicle means enough to you or is of sufficient financial value to pay for it to be shipped long-distance, it's probably worth protecting it adequately during that trip. If you are still unsure, it might be worth calling to verify what it would cost to have the car, truck or van painted. If it is more than the extra cost to upgrade transport from open bed to closed container, your decision might be easier to make.

#2-Do Not Try To Offset The Extra Cost Of Transport By Putting Items That Need To Be Moved In The Vehicle

More than one person has tried to minimize the other expenses of moving by securing a few heavy items in the back seat, trunk, etc. of the vehicle being transported. Unfortunately, that is not as useful a plan as you might hope since the weight of the vehicle being moved will play a big role in the cost of its transport. In addition, items not normally found in vehicles or that are not listed on the insurance agreement might not be covered under the existing policy. 

That means that in attempting to save some money, you could lose a lot more. Instead, just opt to allow the movers to transport your belongings or make other appropriate arrangements for items other than your car.     

#3-Make Sure The Vehicle Is Running

One of the factors that usually impacts the cost of professional vehicle transport is usually the condition of the car. Since a car that runs is much easier and faster to load into its spot, it only makes sense that verifying that it can be quickly started and driven to its assigned location is a good choice. In addition, a non-running car might need extra safety and security measures to adequately protect it, which requires more time...which accrues extra cost.

If it's not running or if there are tricks to getting it started, you should share that information with the company, although it will not always affect the overall cost. You should also be aware that you will rarely be permitted to load it onto the transport vehicle personally, due to insurance restrictions. Unfortunately, even if you are the only one who can consistently get it started or you hate the idea of someone else being behind the wheel, you will probably need to trust in the skills and experience of professionals at that time. 

In conclusion, vehicle transport is often necessary for many different reasons and the expenses relating to it are frequently significant. As a result, it is best to consider the advice discussed above when you are planning for the long-distance towing of your vehicle.   

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